Female Photography – Photographing the Female Form and Galleries

Only recently that I’ve dipped my toe in the water art photography, and even recently, that I have tried their hand at capturing the female body in photography. I’ve been reluctant to do it at least partly because I do not feel I have much to contribute to this genre. It’s hard to think of a subject more photographed than the form of women, sensual or otherwise.

digital female photography

It took about seven and twenty years, but I finally started a series of photographic studies of the human body, not only women but men also, that I felt nothing new. And in this process, I have found that such studies generate even when they are not something new and different, can also fulfill the job.

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What makes me interested to begin with is a series of pictures I make light of the city through a long exposure … typically in the order of one second while moving the camera. I sat at an outdoor cafe in Vietnam late in the evening with some friends and relaxed long exposure shot of street lighting across the street from where we sit. Combination flashing neon bar with my camera motion produces a kind of “liquid fireworks” feel. From the night I had an addiction to shoot the light of the city that way. As I began to develop a body of work, I was amazed at the texts and even sensual nature of some pictures. and how some of them seem to take the form of the female body.

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It is the sensuous feel of some of their pictures first light, which made me decide to shoot the human body. I decided to shoot some photos (both male and female) and combines them with the light of my long exposure images using Photoshop, to create a series of pictures that look a combination of color, light. In some cases I have taken the model creates working with light, and other times I will start with the post and look for light, matching the post . or I can manipulate in Photoshop to further enhance the image model. In some cases the lights take the form of meridian and chakra … while in other cases and lights lend a sense of movement and energy. Adding pictures can also add more light and increase sensuality, mystery and glamorous to the final image.

portraits digital female photography

I combine images, especially using clipping paths to create choice, just from the body, then add it as a new layer to the image brighter. I was then able to mimic the different layers rearrange them and use layer masks to create the impression of light wrapped around and sometimes goes through the human body. I can use an adjustment layer with their built-in mask to add a dimension to the body and / or add color, intensity or de-saturation in some areas of the compound. Hue and Saturation control also allows me to intensify and / or change the color of the light stripes. Some images may be very simple with only three or four layers, while others become very complicated. I have some photos to the layers where seventy!

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It is time to combine the forms, which I also began to notice the beauty body that picture in my studio and using Photoshop, once again put the body in a different environment … especially cloudscapes. This I did with the photo-realistic way so that regular checks would be left nice body female photography people think that actually shot in these environments. By taking pictures in the studio my body can tightly control the illumination power curves and muscles. By stripping the corpses of cloudscapes I could dramatize the feeling of freedom, expansion and just plain beauty of the picture.

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Now, whenever I travel, I always hope to create more investigation, I have long light exposure. I have made their images with light in the city of Hanoi, to Buenos Aires to Mumbai to New York. I have long made a habit of capturing cloud represents an interesting … and now I also imagine how they can work with the human body. When I get tired of the usual stock-oriented conceptual photography project I gave myself a gift “… permission to play in creating new combinations of the human body and intertwined juxtaposed with images of light from my library of light and / or clouds. Playing with pictures of the fire to restore energy and my creativity. It gives me a renewed sense of momentum change and exploration, and instilled in me the joy of creating beauty for beauty ‘!

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